Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life of a soapmaker dedicated to green principles

Life of a soapmaker dedicated to green principles
by Jimely O. Flores
June 3, 2009

Hmmm what a joyous relief... I just finish my nth batch of natural bath soap. This time the ingredients are olive oil, virgin coconut oil, carrot juice, and jasmine essential oil. It turns out very good but tracing was reached only after two hours of constant stirring, this is because i decided to exercise my arms and save electricity by manually stirring the mixture. It is really very tiresome making my soap products carbon neutral is one of the principles of being and living green so i have no regrets. I wish I could now show the photos by this posting time but it could not be as the soap are still on their saponification process, not to be disturb until atleast after 24 hours. I would definitely share them to you soon.

These soaps are for sale and you could contact me thru my mobile 09189428250 or email: These are definitely great soaps to your mind, body and spirits. I hope to be of service to you soon...

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